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Finishing and contracting workers

In InterCairo, we work to make your comfort with us, so we are not limited to aluminum fittings only. We provide finishing and contracting services through specialized engineers who are fully aware of the market needs. We will provide you with accuracy and excellence in the speed of implementation and delivery, that is not all, we provide special prices For areas over a meter

glass ceilings

Many prefer to use glass roofs when building their own homes; It gives homes a beautiful view, and expresses their sophistication and luxury! Follow this article with me to learn more about the advantages and uses of glass ceilings. What is the purpose of using…

aluminum fittings

Aluminum is one of the leading metals in finishes, because it has become an aesthetic decoration icon because of its flexibility and ease of conversion and formation in different colors and for different purposes, including aluminum doors, aluminum windows, roof glass, ventilation holes, facades and shower cabins and many more, not to mention its unique characteristics. The other ones are its light weight and durability, and we at the aluminum house provide and guarantee that it is resistant to water, heat, sound and dust.