About Company

لوجو شركة بيت قطاعات الالومنيوم AEH
AEH is the main gateway for any investor or business owner to have direct access to aluminum suppliers in the region.

We have high quality contacts in the applied market. There is access to all types available on the market, available, available, available for sale

We offer a wide range of aluminum solutions to suit every business in the easiest way. Title: Aluminum Extrusion House- AEH To Goodwill on Family-Like Behavior Attached with more information.

 • AEH provides a variety of aluminum extrusion profiles to suit the requirements of different industries.
• High productivity guaranteed because we have a huge network of contacts that includes the best suppliers in the region.
• Full stock is available all the time because we rely on a number of trustworthy suppliers.
• Worldwide shipping is provided.
• High quality production.
• AEH is a Cairo based company that provides access to the best suppliers in the MENA region.
• We have direct access to one of the largest suppliers in Egypt, InterCairo.

Why choose AEH

• Extending the sales life cycle of existing products (to our suppliers) by finding new markets to sell them in.
• Reducing dependence on local markets only and expanding its scope regionally and internationally.
• Providing various aluminum sectors that may open new production lines.
• Enter the global market and learn how to compete with global companies.
• To have an e-commerce site that can increase sales worldwide and thus reflect positively on AEH revenue.
• Participation in international exhibitions.

Opportunities that we offer

Our vision is to ensure excellence, accuracy and modernity according to local and global standards.
We will produce high quality aluminum ingots with our organizational expansion so that we can always meet the expectations of all the people associated with our business and especially our customers.

Our Vision