glass ceilings

Many prefer to use glass roofs when building their own homes; It gives homes a beautiful view, and expresses their sophistication and luxury! Follow this article with me to learn more about the advantages and uses of glass ceilings.

What is the purpose of using glass ceilings?

The glass allows a lot of sunlight into the house, which highlights the beauty of the furniture and gives the residents a wonderful outside view, especially when there are trees and plants outside. In the evening, jerking through the glass roof of the houses allows you to see the stars and the moon and observe the clouds, which helps to relax and gives you a sense of comfort and peace.

The designer resorts to using glass ceilings whenever he has the opportunity to give a luxurious and attractive appearance to the house, and a glass ceiling can be used for the roof or windows to increase the beauty of the house.

What are the advantages of using glass ceilings?

Unlike ceilings made of ordinary bricks or concrete, glass ceilings are easy to clean, in addition to the ability of glass ceilings to highlight the beauty of the house and increase the lighting in the daytime without the need to use electric lights.

Is it possible to put artistic touches in glass ceilings?

surely! Some oil drawings, decorations, paints and conical shapes can be used to give a special beauty to the house, and some designers prefer to use glass without putting any artistic touches in it to allow the owners of the house to see the outside view and get the largest internal lighting.

And dark glass can be used when it is raining or when building the house among other dwellings to give a beautiful view while preventing others from seeing what is inside the house.

Some designers resort to building part of the roof from glass and completing the rest of the roof with regular bricks and concrete, which gives a distinctive appearance to the house and does not prevent – at the same time – sunlight from entering. Some doors can also be customized in the roof to purify the air inside the house.

What are the most popular uses for glass other than glass ceilings?

Glass can be used to make interior walls, shelves and windows, with the finest quality selected to allow sunlight to pass into the house.

Many also prefer to use glass in places designated for growing various plants and building nurseries attached to the house; Glass ceilings and walls allow the passage of sunlight necessary for the growth of plants and protect them from cold temperatures that affect their growth. These nurseries are called greenhouses.


What are the prices of glass ceilings?

The cost of glass ceilings cannot be accurately determined, as several factors are involved, such as:

  • The fame and experience of the glass manufacturer and the extent of its experience in this field
  • The required amount of glass, whether for the design of ceilings, windows and shelves
  • glass quality
  • Skill and experience of the workforce

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