لوجو شركة بيت قطاعات الالومنيوم AEH
AEH is the main gateway for any investor or business owner to have direct access to major aluminum suppliers in the region.

We have high quality contacts in the market covering the majority of the market. The company aims to facilitate the import experience by providing access to all types available in the market with prices, available offers and detailed specifications.

We offer a wide range of aluminum solutions to suit every business in the easiest way. The name Aluminum Extrusion House- AEH refers to the emphasis on family-like behavior on which we rely more than anything else on the benefits of our clients.

Whychoose AEH

• AEH provides a variety of aluminum extrusion profiles to suit the requirements of different industries.
• High productivity guaranteed because we have a huge network of contacts that includes the best suppliers in the region.
• Full stock is available all the time because we rely on a number of trustworthy suppliers.
• Worldwide shipping is provided.
• High quality production.
• AEH is a Cairo based company that provides access to the best suppliers in the MENA region.
• We have direct access to one of the largest suppliers in Egypt, InterCairo.

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