The external appearance of any facility, whether it is a commercial building, industrial building, or even a residential house gives an impression of its value and importance. One of the important factors that affect the shape of any building is its staircase, as it is the first thing any visitor looks for and looks for, and consequently the stair railing affects the aesthetic shape of the building as a whole, so you should pay attention when choosing an internal stair railing for any building.

The handrail is a staircase barrier or a wall on the edge of the stairs to protect the stair users from falling. It is a ramp at an appropriate height placed on the stairs to give help and safety to users. It can also be designed in different shapes to suit all tastes and decorations surrounding it.

What are the most popular designs in the manufacture of indoor stair railings for buildings?

Interior stair railing designs for a building vary according to its decoration and impression, and the most famous of these designs are:

simple interior stair railing design

The simple balustrade is designed from a lower part consisting of cement and painted with the same paint as the surrounding area, and it is topped with a height of decorative iron in different shapes, and its end contains a simple thickness of wood, and this design is suitable in the entrances of simple residential buildings that do not need a lot of flashiness and decoration.

glass interior stair railing design

This type of glass is designed entirely of high quality and hardness glass panels to withstand various shocks, and they are designs suitable for small spaces, as clear glass increases the spaciousness and space of the place, and this design can be used in shops or small companies.

Metal interior stair railing design

The design of the metal stair railing differs from the simple design, as the balustrade is made entirely of some metal, it may be iron, stainless steel, or aluminum, and it may be in the form of thin, hollow tubes of a certain decorative shape, or one pipe along the stair steps and connected to it from the two ends only, This type is characterized by elegance and extreme simplicity, and fits with modern décor.

Classic railing design

This design is widely used in large spaces with ancient heritage, such as palaces or large villas, and is implemented through the use of wooden panels, the end of which is connected to a thin metal pipe.

Modern handrail design

It is one of the best modern designs, and is made by merging glass panels with some stainless steel parts, and the stairs may be designed from the same materials to give a more attractive and modern look.

Tips before choosing a building interior stair railing design

Before choosing any of the above-mentioned interior stair railing designs, several other factors must first be considered, which are:

  • The space of the place: the area of ​​the building in which the staircase will be constructed is the first and most important factor that determines the shape and nature of the design of the staircase and its handrails.
  • The space is spacious. The design can be chosen according to the customer’s taste with ease, but if the space is small, we may have to implement a specific design to suit that space.
  • Ambient decoration: The design of the stair railing must match the surrounding décor. The decor of the place cannot be of a modern nature, and the design of the interior stair railing is chosen classic or vice versa.
  • Determine the budget: The cost of each design varies depending on several factors, including the materials used and the effort to reshape it and implement the design.

Why is aluminum interior stair railing preferred over others?

Many people prefer to design an interior stair railing made of aluminum for several reasons, including:

  • Easy to clean: it can be cleaned with one touch of a damp cloth, so that it becomes like new.
    Hardness: The aluminum stair railing is characterized by its hardness and tolerance to various weather conditions without being damaged.
  • Insect-resistant: The aluminum material makes the handrail an unsuitable medium for various insects to live in, unlike the staircase made of wood.
  • Multiple shapes and colors: Aluminum can be easily shaped to implement any design requested by the customer, and it can be painted in all colors to match the decorations of the surrounding walls.
  • Price: The price and cost of designing and implementing aluminum balustrades suit many social groups.

aluminum railing price

  • The cost of aluminum balustrades may vary due to several reasons including the following:The amount of aluminum required in the manufacture of the handrail.
  • The quality of the materials used in the implementation of the balustrade.
  • The engineer who did the design.
  • The cost of labor that carried out the implementation.
  • Depending on each of the above factors, the price of internal stair railings in Egypt varies.

In the aluminum profile house company, we provide the implementation of all interior stair railing designs that suit the customer’s need and desire with the best possible quality and the most appropriate price.