Cladding facades have become one of the most widely used materials in decorating kitchens in homes, especially after many have realized the drawbacks of choosing wooden kitchens that are affected by moisture and quickly deteriorate.

Since the kitchen is one of the rooms in which you spend a lot of time in your home, we will take you on a short trip to get acquainted with the forms of cladding facades for kitchens that give an attractive charm to the kitchen decor.

Cladding interfaces, what are they?

There is no doubt that the attractive design of the kitchen décor relaxes the eye and helps you to be creative in preparing delicious recipes, so what if the attractive décor meets durability and long life?! This is what cladding interfaces provide.

Cladding facades are facades that are executed using panels made of three layers; The first and last layers are made of aluminum and have a filler (polyethylene) in the middle.

What are the uses of cladding interfaces?

Cladding facades are a modern and wonderful trend in the world of interior or exterior home decoration and finishes, and they can be used for multiple purposes, including:

  • Kitchen shelves design, which is the most popular use.
  • Decorating some interior decorations in the house such as: columns.
  • Design of advertising banners and storefronts.

Why should I choose cladding for my kitchen decor?

If you are going to finish your home, you should choose cladding facades that have a wide range of advantages, here are the most important ones:

  • Cladding facades are available in multiple sizes and colors with the possibility of decoration, which meets the requirements and tastes of all customers.
  • Heat insulating and flame retardant, the cladding panels are coated with a layer of PVDF, a material that is resistant to fire and
  • spread. (That’s a good feature it should
    Availability in rooms containing sources of fire such as: butane and sulfur).
  • They are resistant to rust and corrosion, which makes them – ie claddings – have a long life, especially since the kitchen decor is constantly exposed to water and moisture.
  • Easy to clean using ordinary soap and water, it is water-resistant, unlike wooden kitchens, which deteriorate when cleaned with water and exposed to moisture.
  • It is scratch and chip resistant, ensuring that it will last for a long time.
    Lightweight, which makes it easy to assemble and shape to match your kitchen décor.

Price per meter of cladding for kitchens in Egypt 2021

Due to the many wonderful advantages of cladding facades, as we mentioned above, we find many people are looking for the price per meter of cladding in Egypt for the year 2021.

The prices of cladding facades vary according to the following:

  • The quality of raw materials used in the manufacture of cladding panels.
  • The level of the supplier or manufacturer of cladding facades among its competitors in the Egyptian market.
  • The area of ​​the kitchen or room to be finished using cladding facades.
  • Dimensions of cladding boards (ie: length, width, and thickness).
  • The fee of the shipping company responsible for transporting the cladding panels from the company to the customer’s place.

What distinguishes the prices of cladding kitchens in the aluminum profiles house company?

The House of Aluminum Profiles (AEH) offers the best price per meter of cladding for kitchens in Egypt 2021. In addition to many advantages that make you count on us without hesitation, we:

  • We care about quality control of the materials we use, in order to offer the best possible quality of cladding in the Egyptian market.
  • We strive to satisfy all customers and implement their desires to the fullest.
  • We provide the best maintenance and after installation services.
  • We provide a large stock of materials in various colors and shapes to receive orders from customers at any time.
  • We include an expert team of engineers and workers with extensive experience in the field of finishing, cladding installation and various types of aluminum.

We advise you to choose a reputable company, and it is best to ask about previous work that the company has supervised in order to be able to evaluate their services and decide on the possibility of doing business with them.