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Aluminum balustrade is one of the most popular and popular decorations in modern buildings and homes today. The handrail is an important and essential corner, especially in large homes, villas, palaces, swimming pools and malls, and it is relied upon because it gives the place an excellent aesthetic touch.

In this article, we learn more about the specifications of aluminum railings, the best types of aluminum railings in Egypt, and the expected price.


What are the best types of handrails?

Handrails are divided into 4 types:

  1. Aluminum handrail.
  2. Iron railing.
  3. Wood balustrade.
  4. Stainless steel handrail.

Handrails are used in decorations to beautify the facilities in a modern and elegant manner that adds an aesthetic touch and value to the place.

You can inquire about the best types of handrails by calling the House of Aluminum Profiles on the numbers on the website.

Why is it preferred to use aluminum (Alumetal) in the manufacture of balustrades over other materials?

the woods:

Wood is used in the manufacture of balustrades, which is an undesirable type and is dispensed with after a while because wood is a weak material that does not withstand pressure and shocks, as it is easily scratched, besides the difficulty of restoration.

It is not usually recommended to install wood handrails because it breaks quickly with pressure and heavy weights, as it is impractical, unlike what happens with aluminum.


Iron is one of the most famous heavy metals that bears heavy weights, and iron is also characterized by its hardness and strength, in addition to being easy to form, and it can also be manufactured easily. There are some factors that make it an unsuitable choice for many customers such as its rapid susceptibility to rust and its lack of safety with prolonged use due to the ease of corrosion over time.

stainless steel:

Stainless steel is one of the metals that are used in the manufacture of balustrades that are not preferred to be used because it loses colors very quickly. It is also weak and appears in the form of pipes connected to each other, which affects the aesthetic appearance that the customer sees and does not give the place the expected good appearance.

After knowing all types of handrails, we assure you that aluminum metal is the best in the manufacture of handrails because it is characterized by the following:

  • The possibility of painting aluminum handrails in different colors.
  • Ease of forming aluminum metal and the possibility of creating unique designs.
  • The ability to withstand high temperatures.
  • Not affected by external factors, whether wind, dust or air.
  • Ease of cleaning.
  • Strong, solid and not easily scratched.
  • It is suitable for prolonged use.
  • The aluminum stair railing can be used indoors and outdoors.


Can aluminum handrails be used indoors or outdoors?

Of course yes, aluminum handrails are divided into:

Aluminum interior stair railing: This type is used inside residential and service buildings to add an aesthetic touch and help to move internally through the stairs.

External stair railing: This type can be used to facilitate entry into the building and give an aesthetic and modern look. It is preferable to use aluminum in the external balustrade for its great ability to withstand temperatures.

aluminum railing price egypt

The price of aluminum railings in Egypt is determined based on:

  • Required quantity.
  • Labor cost.
  • Material quality.

If you want to know the price of aluminum railings inside Egypt, you can contact the House of Aluminum Profiles by calling the numbers on the website.

Why should you rely on House Aluminum Profiles Company?

The aluminum profiles house company is characterized by the following:

  • Aluminum Profile House (AEH) provides a variety of aluminum railings that suit a wide variety of customers.
  • High-quality productivity due to a huge network of contacts that includes the best suppliers in the region.
  • Full stock available all the time to always rely on trustworthy suppliers.
  • Provide shipping to all over the world.
  • High quality production.
  • Delivery on agreed dates.
  • Credibility with clients.
  • Provide after-sales service.
  • Competitive prices compared to high quality.

All these advantages have made the Aluminum Profiles House (AEH) the best aluminum railing supplier in Egypt, far ahead of its closest competitors.

Aluminum Profiles Company (AEH) is committed to providing various services and ensuring excellence, accuracy and modernization according to local and global standards besides producing high quality aluminum ingots with organizational expansion so that it can always meet the expectations of all people associated with our business and especially our customers.

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