Alumital Kitchens

If you are planning to re-design your kitchen or equip your new home kitchen, here are the latest shapes of Alumital kitchens 2021, their features, types, and prices, in this comprehensive guide.


Alumital kitchens: what is the material used in making them?

Alumetal kitchens are made of treated aluminum, which is characterized by durability, and high resistance against rust and ignition.

Alumetal kitchens first appeared in the Malaysian market in 2008.

Features of Alumital kitchens

  1. Alumital kitchens are superior to wood kitchens with many distinctive and unique characteristics, the most important of which are:Durability: Alumetal kitchens are characterized by durability and hardness for long periods, as they do not bend easily and the quality of the material is not affected over time.
  2. Withstands moisture and heat: due to the high humidity and heat in the kitchen, alumital is the only material that can withstand these conditions without being affected.
  3. Waterproof: Alumital kitchens are characterized by their water resistance, unlike wooden kitchens that corrode and damage when exposed to water, the water residue from wet kitchen utensils will not cause any damage to aluminum kitchen cabinets.
  4. Chemical Resistant: Aluminum is very stable, and does not react to any spills of acidic liquids such as vinegar and ketchup.
  5. Hygienic: An aluminum surface prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi, unlike wood cabinets that give off a musty odor.
  6. EASY TO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN: Unlike wooden cabinets, aluminum kitchen cabinets do not require much maintenance and maintenance, aluminum kitchen cabinets can be kept clean easily by wiping away dirt and dust with a damp cloth.Safe and flame-retardant: One of the advantages of aluminum kitchens is that they are fire-retardant.
  7. The aluminum material can withstand high heat without burning, unlike wood kitchens that catch fire easily.
  8. It is characterized by modern and attractive designs: All kinds of aluminum kitchens are characterized by attractive colors and modern designs that you can choose to suit your unique taste.


Disadvantages of Alumital

  1. The cost of aluminum is high, especially in the design of large areas.
  2. Allows heat and sunlight to escape in the summer, and coolness in the winter.
  3. Makes annoying noises due to friction.
  4. Alumetal kitchens are suitable for modern decoration only.

Types of aluminum kitchens

All aluminum sections (frame columns) are made of aluminum, but the types of filling differ in the shelves and cabinets as follows:

Ordinary Alumetal: It is the traditional type, in which aluminum cabinets are in the form of a regular frame, and it is available in two sizes: 4 cm and 6 cm.
Alumital Single and Double Fiber: In this type, the filling of the shutters is made of fiber, and it may consist of one layer (single fiber) or two layers (double fiber) to be easier to clean and more resistant and shock-resistant.

Alumital cladding: It is characterized by luster, bright colors, and hardness because it consists of several layers, and it is resistant to bacteria, moisture and fire.
Khashmoneum: one of the finest types of aluminium, as it has an elegant and classic shape, but some believe that it is a mixture between wood and aluminum (relative to its name), but this is not true, as it is painted with a paint that resembles wood colors only and has a wooden texture as well.

The difference between aluminum kitchens and wood kitchens

  1. Alumetal is easy to clean, while wood needs special care.
  2. Alumetal is water-resistant, but wood panels are damaged when exposed to direct water.
  3. Wood surface is a suitable environment for the growth of bacteria and the gathering of insects, unlike aluminum, which is resistant to bacterial growth.
  4. Wood ignites quickly, unlike alumetal kitchens, which are resistant to fire and ignition.


Modern Alumetal Kitchens 2021

There are many distinctive engineering designs for Alumetal modern kitchens that give a distinctive look to the corners of the kitchen, here are the latest forms of Alumetal kitchens 2021:

مطابخ الوميتال 2021 باللون الأبيض والرمادي

مطابخ الوميتال مودرن 2021

مطبخ الوميتال مودرن بنفجسي اللون

Alumital kitchen prices 2021

Recently, the demand for alumetal kitchens has increased, and many have preferred them over other types of kitchens, due to their attractive colors and modern designs in the manufacture of kitchens, windows, and metal doors, but the difference in the price of a square meter in the market always causes some confusion, so we show you the most important factors affecting the Alumetal kitchen prices in Egypt:

  • The type of filler and the quality of the aluminum used.
  • Manufacturer efficiency.
  • The number of meters required.
  • Dimensions of the panels used.
  • The thickness of the boards used.

The House of Aluminum Sections (the leading company in Egypt for the manufacture and installation of aluminum and its products) offers the best prices for Alumital kitchens in Egypt 2021 with the finest materials, and the highest level of attention and accuracy in dealing with customers.

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