Alumital windows

Alumital windows are of great importance. Windows play an important role in any facility; It is the first source of ventilation and noise prevention, and its role is not limited to that only, but it is also an aesthetic component of the building, whether it is service or residential.

If you are the owner of a home, company, factory or office and seek to install aluminum windows, you should know the advantages of aluminum windows and the most important tips for dealing with this type of windows.

In the following lines, we will talk about the types of aluminum windows, the places where the windows are used, and the specifications of the best aluminum windows company.


What is the function of windows Alumetal?

Windows are the first line of defense for the house against dust and noise, in addition to being responsible for the light penetration inside the facility and the first source of ventilation.

There is no facility without windows, so they are one of the essential elements in any building, whether residential or service.

What are the advantages of aluminum windows?

Aluminum windows have many advantages that make them a prime choice when purchasing:

  • Aluminum windows are resistant to various weather factors such as heat, cold and rust, in addition to being highly durable.
  • It does not need to be maintained on a permanent basis, unlike wooden windows that need occasional maintenance and painting.
  • It is light in weight yet very strong and durable.
  • Easy to use, quick to itch and doesn’t require any special care.
  • Aluminum is more tight in sealing process, helps to have better insulation, it is a good noise and dust blocker compared to other types.
  • Multiple shapes and colors to suit all tastes.
  • The possibility of installing a wire in the aluminum windows to prevent flying insects from entering the building.


Types of aluminum windows

There are many types of aluminum windows in terms of characteristics and sizes, and the most famous of these types are:

Aluminum windows with sliding zippers: It consists of either two, 4 or 6 doors, and it is easy to move right and left without the need for space inside the room.

Aluminum Flap Window: It consists of only one shutter that opens from the top and cannot be moved left or right. It is used in bathrooms, kitchens and offices.

Hinged window inside and out: It can be opened on both sides with the entire area of ​​the window to provide more ventilation for the building, but this type is not suitable for small spaces.

Where can Alumetal windows be used?

Aluminum windows can be used in many different places, including:

  • Aluminum windows for kitchens.
  • Aluminum windows for bathrooms.
  • External aluminum windows.
  • Interior aluminum windows.

What are the most important tips to deal with aluminum windows?

If you choose aluminum windows for your building, you must follow some of the following instructions:

  • Avoid cleaning windows with washing powders, bathroom cleaners, and acid and alkaline cleaners, as they corrode aluminum.
  • Do not use force when using the windows.
  • Inspect the joints of the windows periodically to ensure that there is nothing obstructing the opening and closing process.
  • Regular maintenance of windows and early treatment of any problem.

What is the best company for aluminum windows?

When making the final decision to install aluminum windows in your facility, you should deal with the best company in this field, which has the following specifications:

  • Able to offer a variety of aluminum windows to suit all tastes.
  • The possibility of moving and shipping windows in all governorates of the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • Credibility with its clients.
  • Delivery on time.
  • Providing window maintenance services.
  • After-sales service.


aluminum windows prices

The prices of aluminum windows are determined based on many factors, including:

  • netting type.
  • Required netting size.
  • transportation and freight cost.
  • manpower.
  • The quality of the materials used

Aluminum Profiles House (AEH) is one of the leading companies in the field of supplying and installing aluminum windows in Egypt and has many successful experiences with clients. You can contact our company on the following numbers to know all the details of aluminum windows.

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