Cladding facades

The installation of cladding facades with multiple colors and modern designs gives an attractive appearance to the buildings, in addition to the thermal insulation and superior protection of these facades from external weather factors (such as rain and sunlight for example). If you are thinking of installing cladding facades, you should know more details about their features, shapes, and prices.


Advantages of installing cladding facades

  1. First: we define cladding facades as two layers of aluminum panels with a layer of polyethylene between them, and using heat press technology, these panels are coated with polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) that makes the facade flame-resistant.
  2. The above-mentioned manufacturing method makes facade cladding designs useful for building facades by:
  3. Protect the facade of the building from damage due to external weather factors.
  4. Giving an attractive and distinct appearance among the facades of the neighboring buildings, due to the variety of shapes and modernity of cladding facades.
  5. Easy to clean, the panels can be washed with water or other detergents and the facade will look like new.
  6. Increased durability due to aluminum layers, which is characterized by its long life and durability compared to other types of interfaces.
  7. Reducing the amount of water and moisture that is absorbed through the walls of the building, which maintains the integrity and durability of the building structure, as well as protection from the absorption of any chemical pollutants present in the air.
  8. The work of thermal insulation, which helps to adapt to different temperatures, and facilitate the work of air coolers (air conditioners), especially in places that are famous for their hot weather.
  9. Not loading the facade of the building due to its light weight, and this light weight helps to facilitate the formation of panels and creativity in designs freely according to the shape of the building (the cladding panels can be formed and laser cut).
  10. Fire protection, as the facades of cladding are distinguished by their resistance to flame (there are ordinary types of cladding that are not resistant to flame, and the customer chooses between the two types according to his desire, and according to the nature of the building whose facade is to be covered).


What are cladding facade designs used for?

Cladding facade designs are used for modern villas, shops, pharmacies, banks, restaurants, gas station signs…etc. It is not only used on the facades of external buildings, but can be used inside buildings and homes as follows:

Alumetal kitchen cupboard filler due to its strength, durability and attractive shape.
Covering columns and interior walls in homes with a color suitable for home decor.

Cladding facades and their types

Cladding forms and facades are distinguished by innovative and modern shapes that suit all tastes and give a special character to buildings. Types of cladding include:

  1. Wooden cladding: Wooden cladding gives an attractive look, especially for the facades of houses and villas.
  2. Stone Cladding: Stone or brick cladding is more commonly used in home real estate than storefronts, as it gives an antique and distinctive feel to a home.
  3. Marble cladding panels: give a modern look to the facade of the building.

The cladding facades can also be combined with glass facades in the finishing of the facade of administrative buildings and malls to give a wonderful aesthetic shape to the facade, and to combine the advantages of each.

Cladding facades for shops and pharmacies

Most of the shop owners prefer to install cladding fronts and make banners in bold letters to stand out from their competitors from the neighboring stores. If you want to be distinguished, you should choose the facades of the cladding panels.

Pharmacies owners prefer this type of interface as well, as it plays a good role in marketing the brand, whether for pharmacies or commercial markets.

cladding facade prices

Cladding panels are priced by the metre. That is, their prices vary according to the area of ​​the facade to be covered, and the installation fee is also added to the price. Prices also vary between aluminum companies according to the type of cladding board used (Chinese, Japanese or American for example).

If the client is in a hurry and wants to finish the facade in a faster time, this will be for a greater financial cost due to the double effort and the number of workers based on the project.

Get a distinctive facade for your shop or home!

Because the facade of the building is the most important thing that attracts attention, the aluminum profiles house company offers the finest materials for cladding panels in a variety of colors and shapes to suit all customer tastes, in addition to our distinction by:


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