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When designing the house, people find great confusion in choosing what suits the bathrooms, especially whether it is better to install a bathtub or shower cabins, and what is the correct model, the buyer usually finds himself among the endless possibilities in the market, but the aluminum profile house provides you with a guide Helpful expert advice about shower cabins for bathrooms.


Bathroom shower cabins

Bathroom shower cabins are among the most modern and practical pieces in all homes and clubs. The shower cabin consists of a closed room made of securite glass or acrylic that is installed around the bathtub, and it is the latest choice in modern bathroom designs, as it has a number of features that make it the first choice for many.

Features of shower cabins for bathrooms

The shower cabin has many features that give comfort and safety in addition to the aesthetic design, which is characterized by:

  • It is made of high quality glass to keep water and water vapor inside the shower room.
  • Complete safety because it is a strong glass that withstands severe shocks, and in case of breakage, it turns into small crumbs that do not cause harm to the body.
  • The shower cabin is very practical in use and fits all spaces due to the presence of a variety of sizes.
  • Providing complete warmth inside the shower cabin, because the glass traps steam inside it and does not allow cold air to pass through, so that the bathroom environment remains warm during the showering period.
  • Keep the bathroom floor dry, because shower cabins do not allow water to pass through the shower area, thus keeping the floors dry at all times.
  • Get a wonderful aesthetic appearance of the bathroom with the possibility of choosing between many shapes and colors of shower cabins for bathrooms to give a better aesthetic appearance.
  • Modern and suitable for homes that keep pace with modern designs.
  • Easy to use and sealed.
  • Get rid of bathroom curtain problems.
  • Shower cabins give the bathrooms some privacy.
  • Suits the fast pace of life that may not make time for the use of bathtubs or jacuzzis for those who want to relax.
  • It rarely needs cleaning because it has smooth surfaces that do not stick to dirt, and it does not require an unusual effort to clean it, as it can be cleaned with water and household cleaner to return to its previous era.
  • Durability and sustainability, as it is not rust and is not affected by water, and it is made of glass and acrylic materials or both, which are safe, durable and break-resistant materials.
  • Exploitation of space, shower cabins give an organized look to the bathroom, and manage the existing space.
  • The price of shower cabins is economical, but they are also made of high quality materials and have a long life.


Types of shower cabins

There are two types of shower cabins:

First ready-made shower cabins:

This type is usually made of acrylic.

The accessory is often made of reinforced plastic with a layer of nickel.

The thickness of the ready-made shower box usually ranges between 4-5 milliliters, which is equivalent to approximately half a centimeter.

There are well-known brands of ready-made shower cabins, which are: Ideal shower cabin, Duravit shower cabin, and Rubex shower cabin.

Second, shower cabins details:

These cabins are often made of Securite glass, a type of glass that has been physically treated to become strong, durable and able to withstand shocks.
The accessories in the detailed shower cabin are made of stainless steel or similar materials.
The thickness of the Securit shower cabins is 10 ml, e 1 cm.
The security shower cabin can be cleaned using glass cleaner and newspaper, like many types of glass, or using any type of detergent and water, taking into account that the cabin is well dried.

Third, the acrylic cabins:

It consists of painted and treated aluminum profiles.
The inner filling is made of plexiglass, which is resistant to breakage.

Shower cabin prices:

  • There is no unified price for shower cabins prices due to:
  • Different types of shower cabins.
  • Spaces difference.
  • Design difference.
  • The price of an empty shower cabin is different from that of a Jacuzzi shower cabin.


Aluminum profile house tips when designing bathroom shower cabins:

  • The shower cabin can be installed on the ordinary bathtub, whether it is a foot bathtub or a traditional bathtub, but attention should be paid to the need for a strong foundation of the bathtub using bricks and cement to bear the weight of the heavy cabin.
  • In cases of installing a cast iron bathtub, it must be built around it with ceramic first, as it is not possible to install a shower cabin directly above it without establishing it.
  • Choose high quality accessories to avoid rust or damage.

The House of Aluminum Profiles is a pioneer in the manufacture and installation of modern shapes of shower cabins, of all types and sizes, with great features, at the best prices of shower cabins in Egypt.

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