Nowadays, no home is devoid of Alumetal products, whether in kitchens, doors or windows, Alumital has become an essential part in the formation of any home.

Balconies and windows are the primary source of air and dust, in addition to being the insulator between the street and the house, so the owners of the establishments have a special interest in the doors.

If you are one of the owners of commercial or residential facilities and are thinking of installing aluminum balcony doors, you should read the following lines.

The importance of balcony doors

Balconies are the first outlet for the house, as they are the part of the house that overlooks the outside, and it is the source of the air and the sun.

Balcony doors have many types, it can be wooden or alumetal, but from the point of our conversation today we will highlight the doors of alumetal balcony.

Alumetal balconies doors are durable and strong from the inside and difficult to break, as well as smooth movement, easy cleaning and attractive shape, all in addition to the main function of protecting the house from external factors such as wind, rain, dust, heat and light insulator.

What are the most important types of doors for alumetal balconies?

The options available for aluminum balcony doors are numerous to suit all tastes and needs, and they are:

Alumetal balcony doors modern

This type of Alumetal balcony doors has an attractive, modern appearance that draws attention, and is designed to give an aesthetic shape to the facility, and it can be in several different shapes, whether it is a tractor that is used by pulling, or a hinged one.

This type of door has a distinct set of shapes that make it a great choice for customers who want to get the best aesthetic shape of the balcony.

Alumetal sliding balconies doors

Alumetal sliding balconies doors are distinguished by not taking up space from the balcony during opening. This type adheres to the special path, which is the duct. The main structure of the doors is made of aluminum, provided that the door is equipped with glass and another door with wire.

And the doors are divided into two sashes of toughened glass and only one sash of wire.

Hinged aluminum balcony doors

This type of door is similar to the traditional wooden type, but differs from it only in the way it is manufactured. This type is suitable for large spaces where the door is fully opened unlike the sliding door, but it takes a large space from the balcony.

Important tips when installing aluminum balcony doors

When making the final decision to install aluminum balcony doors, you must follow some important tips:

  1. In spaces greater than 4 meters, it is preferable to build two bricks on the right and left to secure the throat well.
  2. In the absence of an upper beam to fix the throat, the installation should be with a fisher track of 10 mm per 50 cm to open the shutter easily and not to relax the throat later.
  3. The wood grommet must be of good quality, at least 2 inches thick.
  4. Alumetal balcony doors need periodic maintenance from time to time to increase their life span.

The importance of maintaining aluminum balcony doors

Many people neglect the importance of maintaining the doors of aluminum balconies, believing that it is an unnecessary cost, but in fact maintenance increases the life span of the doors and saves you a financial burden, and the maintenance process is not expensive, it only requires cleaning the door duct and changing the necessary spare parts The need, and repair any defect that hinders the door when performing its function easily.

Alumital balcony doors price in Egypt

The aluminum profiles house company offers aluminum balcony doors with the best quality in the Egyptian and Middle Eastern market, in addition to offering competitive prices, and the actual cost is determined based on several basic factors, namely:

  • The area of ​​the balcony in which the aluminum alloy is to be installed.
  • The materials are made of Alumital.
  • Transportation and installation cost.
  • The type of door to be installed, whether it is modern, sliding or hinged.

As for the actual cost, the price per square meter of aluminum balcony doors in Egypt ranges between 1500 and 3000 pounds.

To find out more details about the services provided by the Aluminum Profiles House Company, you can contact the numbers on the website.