What are the advantages of Alumetal kitchens in the house? With the beginning of finishing your home or when you want to renovate your kitchen with modern designs, it is natural to ask about the best kitchen materials, as the kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house and most of the family spends a large part of its time in it, so the kitchen material and design should be chosen carefully, to suit your own taste.

Alumetal kitchens: what is the raw material used in its design?

Aluminum is the raw material used in the manufacture of aluminum panels, and these panels can be used in the design of kitchens, windows, as well as doors.

Features of Alumetal kitchens

When you decide to install Alumital kitchens in your home, you get many great advantages, the most prominent of which are:

heat resistant

Alumetal withstands high temperatures compared to traditional wooden kitchens, and evidence of this is:When food is cooked in aluminum foil, it withstands high temperatures and does not burn.
If the surface of a hot frying pan accidentally comes into contact with wood cabinet panels in the kitchen, a burn mark may appear that affects the appearance of the kitchen and is often difficult to remove. Wood burns at temperatures between about 110 and 150 degrees Celsius.

Water and moisture resistant

Alumetal panels are water-resistant, as they do not contain pores, which prevents water from penetrating inside the panel, and accordingly prevents the growth of bacteria.Water resistance is a necessary feature in the material of your home kitchen, as the kitchen is one of the places where water and liquids spill most, which can harm kitchen cabinets, especially if they are wooden (wooden panels are known to deteriorate quickly when exposed to water).

In addition to the above, Alumetal kitchens are moisture resistant and can withstand a humid climate without being damaged, unlike wooden kitchens, which deteriorate with the passage of time and the fluctuations of the weather in the long run.

healthy and safe

The installation of alumetal kitchens prevents the growth of bacteria and the accumulation of insects, which makes these kitchens safe and healthy for family members, unlike wooden kitchens that are damaged by water and allow bacteria to form on their surface, which may sometimes cause a musty smell to be emitted from the wood.

Easy to clean

Having aluminum kitchens in your home helps you to clean the kitchen easily using soap and water. Aluminum is water-resistant and does not deteriorate when exposed to it.

Multiple designs and colors

You will certainly be puzzled by the colors of the alumetal kitchens, as they are available in bright and dark colors that you can choose from to suit your taste and home decor, unlike wooden kitchens available in shades of brown, which does not suit everyone’s taste.

Installing alumetal kitchens also allows you to combine two or more colors in the design of the kitchen, for example, you can choose the color of the upper kitchen cabinets in a different color to the cabinets or lower units.

Choosing the colors of the kitchen is one of the important steps in finishing the house, as the colors have a great impact on the psychological health of the person, and this is evidenced by the colors of the kitchens in public restaurants, which you often find bright in orange or yellow, which encourages people to eat.

We would also like to say that one of the most important advantages of alumetal kitchens is that the life span of alumetal kitchens is longer than that of wooden kitchens.


Alumetal kitchen prices

The prices of installing alumetal kitchens vary. The material cost is not limited to the value of the raw material only. There are many important factors that affect the price of alumetal kitchens in general, and these factors include the following:

The type of Alumetal whether it is of the popular Alumetal type, or the small PS, or the large PS.
The size of the aluminum panels used in the design of kitchen cabinets.
Hire engineers and technicians to design and cut panels.
The company’s experience and reputation in the market among its competitors.

You can consult one of our experts to know more details about the cost of installing alumetal kitchens, the types of alumetal used and the most important differences between them.