The demand for aluminum kitchens has increased in recent years, and they have become a distinct choice for many due to their modern designs and attractive colors.

If you are planning to equip your kitchen or are thinking of changing it with a new aluminum kitchen, in this article we will introduce you to the best types of aluminum kitchens and the main differences between the different types.

What are the advantages of aluminum kitchens (Alumetal)?

Aluminum kitchens have many advantages that are not available in other materials, which made them a suitable option for many customers who wish to obtain the best possible quality, and the most important of these features are:

● Distinctive and modern designs
Alumetal kitchens have a modern look and attractive colors that suit most customers.
● Strength and durability
The factor of strength and durability is one of the most important features of aluminum kitchens; It is not affected by time factor and works efficiently for long periods.
● Easy to clean
Alumetal is an easy-to-clean material, unlike wood. It can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth to easily get rid of dust.
● heat tolerance
Alumetal is one of the few materials that can withstand the high temperatures and humidity in the kitchen without being exposed to any damage, as it is specially manufactured to face those conditions.
● Water Resistant
One of the most important features of aluminum kitchens is their water resistance, unlike wooden kitchens, which shorten their life due to corrosion when exposed to water.
● healthy

As mentioned before, Alumetal kitchens are made of aluminum, which is known for its ability to prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria and not to emit any unpleasant odors.
● Not reacting with chemicals
According to the research conducted on it, aluminum metal has proven that it does not react with chemicals, unlike wood materials.
● Highly safe and flame retardant
Alumital kitchens are proven to be fire retardant; Aluminum has the ability to withstand high temperatures, unlike wooden kitchens, which are easily flammable.

What are the disadvantages of Alumetal kitchens?

Despite the great advantages that were listed in the previous lines of Alumetal kitchens, they have some minor drawbacks, namely:

● High cost, especially when designed for large areas.
● Classified as suitable for modern kitchens only and not for classic kitchens.
● Issuing some annoying sounds as a result of friction over time.

Learn about the best types of aluminum kitchens

The best types of aluminum kitchens include:

– Traditional Alumetal: It is available in only two sizes, 4 cm and 6 cm, and is usually in the form of a traditional frame.
– Alumital cladding: The most important characteristic of this type is that it has an eye-catching luster. It is available in bright colors, in addition to the hardness.
– Alumital fiber: The aluminum lining is filled with fiber, and there are two types of it, either single (single layer) or double (two layers).
Acrylic: It is one of the latest materials used in the manufacture of kitchens with modern designs, and its cabinets are made of wood because it is a transparent material that is closer to glass.

– Wood: This type is the best type of aluminum kitchen, and many believe that it is a mixture of wood and aluminum, but in fact it is not true.

It must be emphasized that all the aluminum sections in the kitchens consist of aluminum, and what changes is the type of filling in the shelves and cabinets.

The difference between cladding and acrylic

The difference between cladding and acrylic is as follows:

– Cladding: suits all tastes due to its multiple shapes and colors, as well as its resistance to fire, insects, moisture and scratching, and it can also be used in different areas. One of its main drawbacks is that if one of its layers is damaged, it cannot be replaced.
– Acrylic: It is also distinguished by its modern designs and resistance to moisture, heat and fire. However, its cabinets are made of wood. One of its main drawbacks is that it is considered one of the most expensive types of aluminum, and if the wood from which the tanks are made is of low quality, it increases its water absorption, which increases the possibility of insects.

The difference between cladding and fiber

We previously knew everything about cladding, and now it’s time to get to know more about Viber. The fiber consists of either one or two layers, and it is considered the cheapest type of alumetal, and there are many types of it, such as the Egyptian, Saudi and Indian fibers.

What are the prices of Alumetal kitchens?

The price of aluminum kitchens in Egypt can be determined based on a number of factors, the most important of which are:

● Kitchen space.
● The type of aluminum that will be installed in the kitchen.
● Experienced and efficient manufacturer.
● Quality of materials used.
● Transportation and installation cost.

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