Do you know the advantages of aluminum house bathroom cabins? We know that the bathroom is a special part of the home, some people want it to be modern and others want it to be classic.

In recent years, aluminum bathroom cabins or the so-called shower cabins have spread to be an alternative to the traditional bathtub, which is no longer as widespread as it was in the past. What are the advantages of aluminum sectional house bathroom cabins? What are the prices of shower cabins?

This is what we learn in the following lines.

Learn about the types of bathroom cabins of the aluminum house company

The Aluminum House Company offers a distinctive range of bathroom cabins to suit different tastes, and the most famous of these types are:
Ready bathroom cabins:

This type is usually made of acrylic, and the accessories are made of reinforced plastic coated with a layer of nickel, and the thickness of the shower box ranges between 4 to 5 milliliters.

bathroom cabins detail:

Detail bathroom cabins are manufactured from Securite glass, which is one of the types of glass processed to become strong, durable and able to withstand shocks.

Acrylic bathroom cabins:

Acrylic bathroom cabins are made of treated aluminum and painted with anti-rust, while the inner filling is made of break-resistant plexiglass to withstand shocks.

Why choose bathroom cabins over bathtubs?

Practical and easy to use.
Less space than a traditional bathtub.
Those with mobility problems and those who find it difficult to move can use it easily.
With modern designs to suit different tastes.
Safer than a traditional bathtub.
It has a long life.
Fits small bathrooms.
Prevent the passage of water into the bathroom.
Maintain the water temperature for as long as possible.
A chair can be installed inside the shower cabin to facilitate the elderly and those with mobility problems.
They rarely need to be cleaned because they are made of smooth surfaces that prevent dirt from sticking.
It gives more privacy.
Durability and strength, it is also stainless.

Advantages of aluminum profile bathroom cabins

When you buy bathroom cabins from the aluminum profile house, you will get many advantages that are not available in many other companies, namely:

Providing all types of shower cabins to suit different tastes.
High quality bathroom cabins, manufactured from the best materials to last for long periods.
Availability of permanent stock of bathroom cabins due to the company’s reliance on trustworthy suppliers.
The possibility of shipping to all over the world.
Credibility with clients.
Delivery of shower cabins on the dates agreed upon with customers.
Offering competitive prices compared to quality.

It should be noted that the House of Aluminum Profiles is a leading company in the supply and installation of bathroom cabins in all its forms and has great experience in the Egyptian market, and its headquarters is located in the Fifth Settlement in Cairo.

Important tips from the aluminum profile house company when buying bathroom cabins

The House of Aluminum Profiles advises customers wishing to purchase bathroom cabins of all kinds to keep the following things in mind:

In the case of installing the shower cabin on the traditional bathtub, attention must be paid to making sure that the bathtub was well established and can bear the heavy weight of the shower cabin.
Choosing high-quality accessories to ensure that they are not exposed to rust.
Choose the right design for your bathroom, coordinated by the company.
Do not pay attention to fake offers that appear on social networking sites and television screens.
It must be ensured that the drain of the shower cabin is 4 or 5 cm higher than the bathroom floor to ensure that there is no leakage outside the cabin or water accumulation.
The use of marble or granite for the floors to ensure the stability of the cabin, the use of ceramics is never recommended.
The price of the shower cabin in Egypt

The prices of shower cabins in Egypt depend on several factors, including:
Shower cabin space.
The type of shower cabin, whether ready-made, acrylic or customized.
Factory raw materials, including shower cabin.
The design required by the client.